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Why I started this company.

After years of working hard for others I decided to start my own company. Notary's are needed everywhere all the time. For this reason and the fact that I love working with the public I have becided this is my next adventure. Please let me help you accomplish all your notary needs. I have also recently become a Notary Signing Agent and would love to help you with your home signing or refinancing needs. 

Our Team

We love making notary work fast and simple for you!

Dianne Duke

Founder/ Owner

I have been marrried for 25 years and have three adult children. I have worked years in the school and medical industry and love working with people of all backgrounds. I am excited that I now get to venture out and meet even more people every single day at their convience. I look forward to growing this business and helping people all over Texas with their notary needs. 

Shellin Duke


Looking forward to adding Shellin to the team soon. 

James Duke


Looking forward to adding James to the team soon. 

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